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Meet Jackie

My name is Jackie Slot. I am currently a full time RVer with my husband Mike. Living small and the freedom it gives us to travel are just two of the many things that make me feel truly alive. 

I used to live by the  demands of society's modern lifestyle. It left me exhausted, burned out, and still never feeling like I had done or was enough. The resulting stress affected my sleep quality. The lack of sleep impacted my mood, ability to focus, food choices, relationships...the list goes on. I know now what I was considering a “normal” lifestyle wasn't healthy. I have learned we each are capable of experiencing a fuller, more vibrant life. I know we can live this life actually feeling good. Feeling alive. I also know the road to our healthiest self is hard. Sometimes it’s not a clear path either. I simply want to offer support and come alongside you on this journey. I want to empower you to keep taking step after step, even the hard ones, until you discover your healthiest self. 


I have a Bachelors of Science from Grand Valley State University. I am a Certified Personal Trainer through NASM. I also hold NASM’s CES and FNS certifications. I am a Certified Health Coach. I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in April 2021. 


This photo is a window into my journey of chasing down what makes me feel fully alive. Taken at Dead Horse Point State Park with my husband Mike, and Jake, my forever loved and missed fur baby. 

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