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Protein Energy Balls


1/4 cup of honey

3/4 cup of coconut oil

1 cup of almond butter

2 scoops of protein powder*

2 cups of oats**

This morning's leftover coffee grounds

Handful of chocolate chips***


Add your honey and coconut oil to a large pot and turn your burner to a high heat. Stir until both are completely melted and boiling. Turn off the heat and add almond butter. Stir until all mixed together. Add the rest of your ingredients and stir so they are well combined. Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Use a soup spoon to scoop the mixture into your hand and make a ball. You'll have to squeeze it so it packs together well. Place balls on your cookie sheet. When they are all done place in the fridge or freezer for them to harden. You'll need to store them in a cool place so they don't melt and become crumbly.

*I use Sprouts vegan chocolate protein powder

**I use steelcut oats. However, it does give the balls a more chewy consistency so substitute regular oats if desired.

***Trader Joe's 100% Cocoa chips are my favorite!

You can use crushed nuts instead of oats if you'd like, you can also add coconut flakes for a little something extra if you want!

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