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Simple Homemade Nut Butter

I am an almond butter fanatic. My husband and I go through way to much of it. And let's be real, Almond butter or any actual healthy nut butter isn't cheap! So my way around that is to make it all on my own! I've made my own peanut, almond, cashew, and hazelnut butters. I even made my own chocolate hazelnut butter (nutella!). I'll share the chocolate hazelnut recipe along with delicious combinations in later post. For now let's keep it real simple. Since almond butter is the type I make the most I'll share directions specifically for that then what modifications you make if you use a different nut.


Raw Almonds*. ( I buy mine from Costco)


Roast almonds on a cookie sheet for approximately 20 mins at 350.

After roasting almonds you can dump them still warm into your food processor. Blend them until the almond butter is at your desired level of creamy or crunchy.

I typically start with half the almonds and then slowly add in the rest. This way I have a creamy consistency with a little bit of a crunch. Also, by not overwhelming the food processor right away it makes the process go faster. The amount of time it takes to turn to a smooth butter will depend on the amount of almonds added and the strength of your food processor.

*I buy raw almonds and roast them myself because unless you buy "dry roasted" most pre roasted almonds are actually deep fried. Dry roasted are fine but tend to be a bit more expensive. You can also just use raw almonds but I like the flavor of roasted almonds better.

Almonds are the only nut I roast before making into butter.

The process for peanut, cashew or hazelnut butter is the same, I buy dry roasted or raw peanuts (both taste fine), raw cashews and raw or dry roasted hazelnuts. I don't noticed a difference between the roasted or raw nuts when it comes the butter for the these three.

Cashew butter has a much thicker consistency than the other nuts. It almost looks like cookie dough and much to my delight, it kind of taste like it too!

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