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The Actor vs. Authenticity

“In the human drama, truth is often forgotten for the sake of the show. But deep within the spectacle, truth waits to be illuminated. Underneath all the theatrics, truth is what we are”. Don Miguel Ruiz, The Actor.

In the stillness, in the calm, in the clarity of my soul, in the absence of my mind and the presence of my heart, lies truth. Lies authenticity. That place is where conditioning melts, expectations fade, and living to please goes away. It’s the place where I purely exist. In the perfect presence of my Artist, my Creator, there i know my deep truth. I know me as I am meant to be. No boxes to check, no opinions to impress. There I am just me. There I am complete. In this place there is no make up, no costume. There is no performance. There is only the Creator and the created. Both complete. One a beautiful expression of the other. Every piece placed with perfect intention. Pure.

This masterpiece is always there. Yet, so easily I give into what the world is comfortable with. I cover my masterpiece and dim my radiant light. I plaster make up so I can look the part and play the role that the audience expects. The role that brings comfort. The role that doesn’t require the audience to think or be challenged because it easily fits into a box they know and are familiar with. It is also a role that makes them so comfortable they quickly forget it. So I eagerly step into the costume and cover up my beauty to be comfortably forgettable. To not push any limits or cross any lines. To simply show up as expected and leave without too much of an impact. I show up enough to be loved for a moment and then dismissed until my next opportunity to fulfill expectations once more.

Is this the life Love created me for? Or is this brilliant light within me meant to illuminate so much more?

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